The Wireless Universal Resource File

1.10 Is there a glossary of wireless technology expressions?

There are a lot of new terms and expressions, and there is a glossary just below. Note that with the amount of terms and expressions new to the WAP environment, the task of writing them all down is phenomenal. Links and more explanations are on the way. Hell, I might even get time to sort it alphabetically! Please be patient :-)

DTD Document Type Definition. (#NOK) The definition states which elements can be nested within others. A DTD defines that the names and contents of all elements that are permissible in a certain document, how often an element may appear, the order in which the elements must appear, whether the start or end tag may be omitted, the contents of all elements, that is, the names of the other generic identifiers that are allowed to appear inside them, the attributes and their default values and the names of the reference symbols that may be used.
Element An element specify the markup and structural information in a WML deck. Some elements contain a start and end tag such as the <p> and </p> tag, others are single elements such as the <br/> tag.
HDML Handheld Markup Language
PDA Personal Digital Assistant. Usually a hand-held device, such as the Palm Pilot. WAP isn't just for cellular phones.
SGML Standardised Generalised Markup Language.
UA User Agent. Software that interprets WML, WMLScript, WTAI and other forms of code.
W3C World Wide Web Consortium.
WAE Wireless Application Environment. (#NOK) The Wireless Application Environment specifies a general-purpose application environment based fundamentally on World Wide Web technologies and philosophies. WAE specifies an environment that allows operators and service providers to build applications and services that can reach a wide variety of different platforms. WAE is part of the Wireless Application Protocol.
WAP Server A frequently misused term. A WAP server by itself is really nothing more than an HTTP server - i.e. a web server. In order to confuse everyone, Nokia has a product which they call a WAP server which is a WAP gateway and an HTTP server all in one. This is actually a content providing server and a gateway. The gateway takes care of the gateway stuff, and the web server provides the contents.
WAP Gateway A WAP gateway is a two-way device (as any gateway). Looking at if from the WAP device's side, since a WAP device can only understand WML in its tokenized/compiled/binary format, the function of the WAP gateway is to convert content into this format. Looking at it from the HTTP server's side, the WAP gateway can provide additional information about the WAP device through the HTTP headers, for instance the subscriber number of a WAP capable cellular phone, its cell id and even things like location information (whenever that becomes available).
WML Card A single WML block of navigation and user interface in a WML deck. A WML card must exist inside a WML deck containing one or more cards. WML decks are XML documents.
WML Deck A collection of WML cards. The whole deck is loaded when the browser requests a URL, and access to individual cards in the deck can be specified in the URL.
WMLScript Scripting language for WAP devices. Based on JavaScript, but less powerful.
WSP Wireless Session Protocol. (#NOK) The Wireless Session Protocol provides the upper-level application layer of WAP with a consistent interface for two session services. The first is connection-mode service that operates above a transaction layer protocol, and the second is a connectionless service that operates above a secure or non-secure datagram transport service.
WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol
WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security. The "equivalent" to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) widely used in the HTML world - although not identical in functionality. WDP Wireless Datagram Protocol
XML Extensible Markup Language. W3C's standard for Internet Markup Languages. WML is one of these languages. XML is a subset of SGML.

#NOK    Taken from documentation provided by Nokia

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