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1.11 Can you recommend any good WAP service providers?

We will be building a list of WAP service providers in this FAQ. If you are a WAP service provider, or know of one, please feel free to mail and tell me about your service. Note, both free and commercial providers/developers are welcome to join the list.

You'll notice there are two lists. The first list contains providers that offer some sort of free WAP hosting service. The level of their services vary a lot - it is after all free.

Provider nameType of servicesLocation
Tag TagFree WAP site hosting and online Java based WAP site editorUSA
wapHQFree and Independent Mobile Internet AccessKnutford, UK
WAP ServiceFree WAP publication serviceSweden
WappyFree WAP site hosting and redirection serviceThe Netherlands
SoWAPFree WAP site hosting. In French.France
Freedom2SurfReally a free HTML service provider, but they support PHP3 which makes it ideal for WAP content providingEngland
AnytimenowFree provider that offers 20MB space, online editing and storage of .wml and .wmls files. It also allows e-mail access via WAP, including Hotmail.England
HoileyFree provider with offline WAP builder - WMLedit (still in "beta" version)Germany
WaphomehFree provider, in German. Includes online WAP based translator service.Switzerland
WapSpyFree provider, file upload, image librariesUnknown
WapMineFree provider, off-line WYSIWYG editor (WAPpage) for WindowsUSA
AddComFree provider (in German)Germany
WapMaticFree provider (in English and German)Germany
DeZines WebhostingAlmost free provider with some support for WAP environments, including PHP.International
StartoExcellent free WAP site "hotel", plus lots of other services. In Norwegian.Norway

The following list contains commercial (meaning they in some way charge for their services) WAP service providers. Because this list is not meant as an advertisement board for commercial services, the FAQ maintainer decides what goes into the description field.

Provider nameType of servicesLocation
wapHQWAP, Application hosting, Corporate ApplicationsKnutford, UK
BrainstormWireless Application Service Provider and DeveloperLondon, UK
IntegrationWirelessCompany that creates dynamic wireless web sites with "m-commerce" in mind.Washington, DC
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