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1.12 Is there a list of some great WAP applications?

Below you will find a list of some good WAP applications. These are not necessarily very useful or very high tech, but they are good examples on what WAP can provide compared to normal web applications.

Note that these services are most likely purely WML based, and clicking on the links below from your normal HTML browser will not give you the desired result. If someone could invent a way of sending URLs via SMS, I'd be happy to implement such a service here :)

Application nameApplication typeLocation
WAP CAMOnline WAP camera with live images :-) (Choose WAP CAM from the menu)
Domain Check/RegistrationCheck and register .com, .net and .org domains
PDFmailSecure WAP e-mail with nice features.
WAPpopExcellent GPL POP client for WAP devices

Some of these URLs are very long and will probably break your fingers if you try to type them in on a tiny phone. Instead, type in the URL below and you will be able to select the links from a menu.

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