The Wireless Universal Resource File

1.15 We already have a WEB site, how do we get a WAP site?

First of all, please understand that this document is really meant for companies who already have a web presence, and now want to get into WAP. It is not meant for WAP application developers or normal users. Although it might be interesting to read anyway :)

A lot of companies already have tons of information available on their web sites, and they want to make some or all of this available to mobile internet users. Remember, and this goes for anyone, that it's usually not just a matter of attaching a new device or installing a piece of software. Whatever the quality of what you publish is, it doesn't get any better by making it available via WAP. Think before you act, and think ahead. There's a big difference between the "normal" web and the wireless web in that the "normal" web has had several years to mature into this great thing. The wireless internet is probably at the stage the web was some five or six years ago, and will use a little time to eventually catch up with the "normal" web. Now is the time to act, but don't overdo it.

The same was true for the "normal" web. Many companies had a product range they wanted to sell via the web, and they basically just copied the contents of their printed catalogues and published them via the web. That wasn't very smart then, and it's not smart now. Just as your company had to start "thinking" web a few years ago, it must start "thinking" wireless web now.

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