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12.5 How does Compact HTML (CHTML) work?

Compact HTML, or CHTML is the markup language of iMode and is a subset of HTML 2.0, 3.2 and 4.0. This is not meant as a reference guide to Compact HTML, but simply shows which tags are available and how to use them.

Strangely enough, the MIME content type for Compact HTML is the same as for HTML, text/html

All current iMode browser version will read all HTML 1.0 tags. The 520i series iMode browsers will in addition read HTML 2.0 specific tags. In addition, the browser supports the following tags. Since some tags are supported on some iMode browsers, and others not, you should attempt to detect which browser version that is being used. The procedure is explained here.

For the current authoritative source on what Compact HTML contains, read the Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances available at W3C.

In addition to most HTML 1.0/2.0 tags, note the following differences:

Tag nameAction
<MARQUEE>Horizontal scrolling of text string
<BLINK>Blinking of text string
<FONT>Sets font color
<BODY>Defines the background, text and link colors

The following additional attributes are supported

Attribute nameAction
istyleDefines the <INPUT> text style
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