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3.2 How do I bypass my operator and connect "directly" to the internet?

If you are stuck with an operator that will not allow you to access other WAP resources than the ones they decide, or if you simply want to bypass your operator for development purposes, most WAP devices will let you do this.

Since different WAP devices work in different ways, this is a very general example, but you should be able to figure it out.

First of all you need the telephone number of a local Internet Service Provider with which you have a normal dial up account (the same type of account you'd use for your home computer for instance). Either one you pay for, or something you get for free. Many ISPs actually offer dial up access to the internet for free. The ISP doesn't *have* to be local, but remember that you're going to pay mobile call prices for this. The ISP needs to support the PPP protocol. Obviously, you also need a userid and password with this ISP. Then you need the IP address of a public gateway.

Some public gateways for testing:

ProviderIP AddressGateway type
Openwavedevgate2.Openwavefor simulator and US phones
Openwavesurf.OpenwaveWAP Push and DF and GSM phones
wapHQ212.1.130.132wapHQ Gateway

There is also a list of other gateways here.

Configure your WAP device with the telephone number, userid, password and IP address for the gateway. On the Nokia 7110 this is done under Services, Settings, Connection Settings. The Nokia 7110 uses a Bearer Type of SMS as default, and you need to change this to Data. There is also settings for Data Call Type and Connection Types. For the Data Call Type you should probably select ISDN, but you have to experiment with what works with your ISP. For the Connection Type you should probably choose Temporary, but again you need to experiment.

Finally set the Home Page to some WAP service on the internet you know works, and you're ready to go.

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