6.3 Why can I not access pages on the internet from my emulator?

Most emulators and toolkits can view pages that are located on the internet in addition to viewing pages that are on your local drives and your local intranet. It is however common, at least for larger companies that you have to go through a so called proxy server to gain access to the internet. If you have to go through a proxy server to get to websites with your HTML based browser, so will the WAP emulator.

Note that some emulators might not support proxy servers, but most of them do. Setting this up in the emulator should be relatively easy. All you need is the hostname or IP address of the proxy server, and the portnumber needed for internet access. If you do not have this, your systems/network administrator will have this. You could also check the settings for your Netscape/IE.

In some cases the proxy server will need a userid and password to gain access to the internet. Some emulators have support for this as well. You should be able to tell, if there's a userid/password field in the proxy settings config for your emulator.

In some rare cases, where the proxy server is the dreaded Microsoft Proxy Server, you might encounter additional problems. By default, this proxy server accepts only one type of authentication (userid/password). The authentication is known as NTLM and is a proprietary MS authentication, for which there is very little support in the non-MS word. (And thank God for that!) The best solution to this problem is to throw the MS Proxy Server out the window and replace it with something better, but you could also ask the person in charge of the MS Proxy Server to enable so called "Basic Authentication".

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