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Wireless FAQ - Demos
Note that most of these services require a WML capable browser.

WAP FAQ Links - Links to user submitted WAP applications
Client Info Application - Displays all HTTP header info from User Agent and Gateway
Localization Demo - Demo of localized text
Basic Authentication Demo - Demo of Basic Authentication protected directories
Cookie Test Demo - tests cookie capabilities
PizzaCalc ® © Demo Application - a very useful tool for splitting pizza bills
Cache Test Demo - use to verify that your browser support HTTP cache control
Character set encoding test - test browser capabilities for special character sets.
Character Entity Reference and Display table - display all special characters and their character entities
Subscriber number test - Displays the subscriber number of a mobile phone
Demo of animated images - Displays a sequence of four images to fake animation
Demo of dynamically generated images - Displays the time graphically
The amazing WAPCAM. Yes, a webcam on your phone!
Resolution Matrix - Images for checking display sizes
POST test - Tests POSTing of variables
GET/POST size test - Tests amount of data that can be POSTed and GETed
WTAI test - Links to a telephone number using WTAI
302 Redirect test - Test if browser/gateway support HTTP 302 Redirects

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