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7.15 Can color images be used in WAP?

At present, there is only one browser that accepts color images, and that is Openwave's UP.browser version 3.2. Currently this browser is only in one cellular phone, the Hitachi C309H, and at time of writing this phone has not been released on the market.

Since WBMP images are monochrome, Openwave has wisely chosen the very popular PNG, Portable Network Graphics format for color images. The format of PNG images is described in RFC-2083 and most good graphics packages fully support the format, including command line tools and libraries for most operating systems if you're thinking about generating dynamic images.

Openwave has released an SDK to emulate this browser. Note that there are a few limitations to this SDK. It's more of a HDML browser with WML and PNG capabilities.

To use PNG images in your code, simply point to the image file the same way you point to a WBMP image:

<img src="images/colorimage.png" alt="Color Image">

Most good web server are already configured to handle the MIME type of the PNG images, but if it isn't, the MIME type is simply image/png.

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