07 - Making it look fancy
Tips and tricks on how to stun your users by making your applications work like a race-horse and not look like a donkey.

7.1 Can WAP devices use graphical images instead of just text?
7.2 What size screens will I be developing for?
7.3 How do I use animated images?
7.4 My WBMP images look bad, what can I do?
7.5 Can I generate dynamic WBMP images on-the-fly?
7.6 How can I send e-mail from a WAP device?
7.7 Is it possible to "link" to a telephone number?
7.8 How can I prevent a form from having empty fields?
7.9 How do I use option fields when the display cannot fit all of them?
7.10 Is it possible to "preload" images in WML?
7.11 Is it possible to change the font displayed in a browser?
7.12 How do I get a WML card to refresh itself?
7.13 How do I use streaming media in WAP?
7.14 How much data can I send back to the server using GET or POST?
7.15 Can color images be used in WAP?
7.16 How does Nokia's "Use Number" function work?
7.17 What are Openwave.com WML Extensions and how do they work?
7.18 Can WML extensions be used in Europe and other GSM areas?
7.19 What is WML Extension "Mobile-Originated Prefetch" (<link> tag)?
7.20 What are WML Extension "nested contexts/activities" (<spawn> tag)?
7.21 How is the WML Extension localsrc attribute used?
7.22 How is the "accesskey" attribute used?
7.23 How can I tell which WML version a device supports?

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