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8.11 Why is the REFERER line in the HTTP header not visible?

When a HTML browser moves from one URL to another, it by default sends a HTTP header line called Referer to the server telling it which URL the browser requested before requesting the current location (the referring page). A very useful feature indeed, and the same functionality is available in the WAP environment, but since this information has to come from the user agent, the wap device, it is usually disabled to save bandwidth and time.

To enable the Referer the tags that makes the browser request a new URL such as <a>, <go>, etc takes a parameter called sendreferer.

  <go href="/somedir/somedeck.wml" sendreferer="true"/>

..will ship the referring URL with the request for the /somedir/somedeck.wml request. The referer url can be read by any proper server side script language.

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