08 - Troubleshooting
When your applications aren't working as they should, chances are that someone has already solved the problem and added the solution to this FAQ.

8.1 Why won't my WBMP images appear?
8.2 The WAP device emulator says text/html mime type is not supported, but my MIME setup is correct?
8.3 I can't get the <input/> format to work correctly. What's wrong?
8.4 I think some special characters are breaking my code or links, what can I do?
8.5 What's the size limit on each WML deck?
8.6 I can't get POST to work! What's wrong?
8.7 My ASP code works on emulators but not on real browsers. What's wrong?
8.8 Why won't my META tags work in WML?
8.9 Why aren't the server receiving the variables I send it?
8.10 Why doesn't some Mitsubishi browsers (Trium) run WMLScript?
8.11 Why is the REFERER line in the HTTP header not visible?
8.12 Why does a normal HTTP 302 redirect not work with WAP?
8.13 Why won't the Nokia 7110 POST more than 160 characters?
8.14 Why can't I pass variables with spaces and apostrophes?
8.15 I can't display a dollar sign in my WML code, what's wrong?
8.16 My WAP services only works for me, no one else! What is wrong?

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