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8.5 What's the size limit on each WML deck?

Due to the fact that WAP devices have very little memory, there is a limit to how big each WML deck can be. To make things interesting, there is no standardized limit, so it varies from browser to browser. The list below shows the limits on some browsers.

Note that these limits note the size of the WML deck in its tokenized/compiled/binary form, in other words not the plain text XML code that you most likely send out from your server, but the compiled form which the gateway passed along to the WAP device. An uncompiled WML deck can be quite large, and then end up as a fairly small compiled deck once it passes through the gateway.

Browser Compiled WML deck limit
UP.Browser 3.2 1492 bytes
UP.Browser 4.x 2048 bytes
Ericsson R320 Aprox 3000 bytes
Ericsson R380 Aprox 3500 bytes
Ericsson MC218 More than 8000 bytes
Nokia 7110 1397 bytes
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